Baby massage sessions may be booked as part of a package of services with breastfeeding services or independently.

Options are group classes (for mothers' groups, playgroups or other groups of mums) or private sessions.

For standalone baby massage classes, see the class information below.

For booking as a component of a package, please discuss options with me.

Introductory Session or Complete Infant Massage Course

There are two types of infant massage sessions from which to choose - the introductory session or the complete infant massage course.

The introductory class is an overview of basic baby massage techniques, with some background theory, covering just enough to get you started. It is a single one-hour session.

The complete course is more comprehensive, covering baby massage techniques and theory in greater detail, including the full massage stroke sequence, special sequences for colic and wind and some lymphatic exercises. This course is held over two two-hour sessions.

Group or Private Setting

You can also choose which option you prefer.

Groups are usually run at a public venue to accommodate current need. If you would like to get together a group of friends with their babies, or make a booking for a Mothers' Group, you may prefer to meet at your usual venue or even at someone's home and the class could be held there.

Class Inclusions

  • 125 ml Bottle of infant massage oil (organic sesame oil)
  • Infant massage handbook
  • Take home infant massage handouts
  • Thank you attendance gift for baby

What To Bring

  • Towel or blanket for laying down your baby
    (as we massage on the floor for safety reasons)
  • Blanket, bunny rugs or extra covers for baby
    (if weather is cold or baby doesn't like to be uncovered).
    You can choose whether to massage your baby completely undressed (except for nappy), partially undressed or over full clothing (depending on what you and your baby are most comfortable with)
  • You will be provided with massage oil
    (cold-pressed organic oil) which is included in your class fees; however, if you prefer, you may bring your own oil to use for the session
  • Your baby!

Optional Purchase

Massage oil, handbooks and DVDs will be available for purchase at all classes.


Fees for group infant massage classes are payable at the time of booking to secure your place in the class.

Payment by bank transfer.

Fees are non-refundable but are transferable to another class / another person.

Please contact me for current fees.

Special Notes

It is preferable that babies in each session are of similar ages to each other. Newborns, older babies, toddlers and older children would ideally be booked into different sessions. Please discuss with me if this is a problem (eg mum with toddler & young baby).

Sessions run most smoothly and with optimal benefit to all participants if class numbers are no greater than around six parents with their babies (additional classes can be run to accommodate all mums and babies comfortably).

Private sessions are customised to suit your preferences and are usually held in your home or a setting of your choice. More time is allowed in this option to cover your chosen massage sequences or topics of interest in greater detail. There is ample time for review of areas on which you would like more focus than would be normally possible in a group setting.

All sessions are structured and interactive. Infant massage instructors do not massage babies - they teach massage techniques to parents. The massage sequences will be shown on a demonstration doll so you can follow through with massage on your baby. 

If your baby goes to sleep, becomes unsettled, or does not wish to be massaged at the time, demonstration dolls will be available in class for you to use to follow through with the strokes, or you can watch if you prefer. You will be given handouts to take home to help you follow through on massage strokes you may have missed during class. 

The sessions are designed to be relaxing for you and your baby. It may help to keep in mind that all babies have differing needs at different times and some babies in a group may be restless on the day. There will be some timing constraints in order to accommodate groups of parents and babies to fit into the session time allowed. You are therefore encouraged to participate at your own and your baby's own pace, attending to your babies' needs at any time (feeding, changing, sleeping, etc). 


Enjoy the baby massage session as much as you and your baby wish or are able to do.
You will probably find you enjoy baby massage more fully when in the comfort of your own home and will soon start to realise the many benefits of infant massage.