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General antenatal classes covering topics such as pregnancy, labour, delivery and postnatal midwifery care are commonly run by hospital or community midwives with a small breastfeeding component included in the session outline.

Dubbo Breastfeeding and Parenting Support complements general antenatal classes by offering specific breastfeeding content in detail.
This is customised to your individual situation, covering all aspects of lactation and breastfeeding beginning with the antenatal period, immediately after birth, the early days, weeks and months and continuing for as long as you and your baby are breastfeeding/providing breastmilk.

Breastfeeding education classes that focus solely on breastfeeding topics and breastfeeding support are incredibly empowering, having been found to enhance mothers' experiences right from the beginning, strongly contributing towards a successful breastfeeding journey.

First-time mothers find the classes enable them to be more fully prepared for those incredibly amazing but busy weeks and months with a newborn.
Many new mothers quickly find that their lives revolve largely around feeding sessions which only begin once the baby is born.
Mothers expecting subsequent children also find them useful to optimise their next breastfeeding experience.

Antenatal education sessions help mothers and families to plan and develop their resources in advance of the birth, knowing where to find any help and support needed in the early postnatal period.
Mothers often find that it is preferable and less stressful to start building support networks for themselves during pregnancy than to be searching for urgently needed help after their baby is born.

You can book a breastfeeding class as a small group session (2-6 couples) or choose to have a private session.

Depending on your due date and the urgency of attending a class within a specific time frame, I am open to negotiation, so please discuss your needs/preferences with me and I will endeavour to hold the session at a suitable time and date for you if possible.

Please contact me for further class enquiries, booking fees or to secure your place in an upcoming class.