April 2015

I sought help for my second child who was 8 weeks old and had been chewing on my nipples causing chaffing and cracking. I consulted my local ABA support person but she said she couldn't see an issue with the way i was feeding so i asked if she thought it may have been beneficial to seek assistance from a lactation consultant. So i found Debbie on the Internet.  I was emotionally at breaking point and was close to giving up breast feeding due to pain and discomfort. Debbie travelled 2 hrs to meet with my bub and I 2 days after i called to make and appointment. She was so helpful and supportive. Although my son's issue was a tongue tie which she helped to identify, she also helped with positioning to relieve pain. She provided me with great information which was extensive and certain things i have not read before. It was great to feel supported and gave me great sense of strength to continue and sort out the tongue tie.  My boy is now 5 months old and breast feeding is an absolute dream. I have used the techniques that Debbie has shown me and in the information also to help make my breast feeding journey comfortable and plesant. Thank you Debbie.

Coonabarabran NSW

April 2015

When I had my third baby I thought breastfeeding would be a breeze (it was ok with the first two). However even after 8weeks I was still having trouble with attachment. I had accessed phone services etc but just needed a little extra help. Being remote was difficult but Debra made that a whole lot easier by allowing me into her home for my appointment.
After one visit, a few little hints and tips my baby and I had breastfeeding all under control. My baby is now 9months and loving the boob!
Debra was gentle and patient with her approach and seemed to make it all seem much easier!

Nyngan NSW

February 2016

I sought help from Debbie after feeding wasn't going great with my 4th baby, I was impressed from start to finish. Debbie came to my home & was here for around 3hours, her follow up was wonderful and I felt confident I could contact her at any time. She constantly checked on me & was great sending extra information when needed. Im still happily feeding my almost 10month old & wouldn't hesitate to recommend Debbie to any mum needing help, support or extra guidance in there breastfeeding journey.


Geurie NSW

July 2016

Being a new mum I thought it was 'normal' to have issues breastfeeding. After struggling for weeks, it was suggested by experienced midwives that I seek the help of Debbie from the Dubbo Breastfeeding and Parenting Support organisation. I did this as a 'last resort' and in hindsight, it should have been my 'first resort'! Debbie was able to pick up that my son had a hidden tongue tie and that this may be affecting his ability to breastfeed. Debbie was able to give me some great strategies to use when breastfeeding that made it much more bearable. She was also able to recommend us to a doctor who assessed (and ultimately snipped) my son's tongue tie. As a result, I have a new baby. A baby who settles, feeds and now enjoys life. If it wasn't for Debbie, I would have given up on breastfeeding and would still be wondering why my son is so unsettled. Debbie has changed our lives! I would recommend anyone visit and spend some time with Debbie - it may just make all the difference!!!

Warren NSW